A Tale of Two WordCamps

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This coming weekend, two WordCamps will be going on simultaneously — yep, it’s WordCamp season again! This weekend will be the first of many this autumn with multiple WordCamps. Tomorrow (not quite the weekend but close enough) is WordCamp Cape Town, and then this weekend, first-time WordCamp Albuquerque coincides with 4-time returning champ WordCamp Portland, a cool juxtaposition of a more established local community with one that is just getting started.?If you’re anywhere near the Portland area, you should try to attend. The WordPress Foundation will be sponsoring some special activities around Software Freedom Day, and some members of the core team (me, Nacin, Koop) will be there.

Is there a WordCamp coming up near you? Let’s find out!

Sep 15:?WordCamp Cape Town?Cape Town, South Africa

Sep 16-18:?WordCamp Albuquerque?Albuquerque, NM

Sep 17-18:?WordCamp Portland?Portland, OR

Sep 24:?WordCamp Lisboa?Lisboa, Portugal

Sep 24:?WordCamp Germany?Koln, Germany

Sep 25:?WordCamp Sofia?Sofia, Bulgaria

Oct 1:?WordCamp Louisville?Louisville, Kentucky

Oct 8-9:?WordCamp Sevilla?Seville, Spain

Oct 15-16:?WordCamp Jabalpur?Jabalpur, India

Nov 5-6:?WordCamp Toronto?Toronto, ON

Nov 5-6:?WordCamp Gold Coast?Gold Coast, Australia

Nov 5-6:?WordCamp Philly?Philadelphia, PA

Nov 12:?WordCamp Caguas?Caguas, Puerto Rico

Nov 12-13:?WordCamp Kenya?Nairobi, Kenya

Nov 12-13:?WordCamp Detroit?Detroit, MI

Nov 12:?WordCamp Richmond?Richmond, VA

Nov 12-13:?WordCamp Denmark?Copenhagen, Denmark

Dec 17:?WordCamp Las Vegas?Las Vegas, NV

Feb 3-4?WordCamp Atlanta?Atlanta, GA

There are also a number of WordCamps still in the early organizing stage that do not yet have dates set. These include: Ft. Wayne, IN;?London, UK;?Edmonton, Canada;?Baku, Azerbaijan;?Oslo, Norway;?Sacramento, CA; ?Birmingham, Alabama;?Pittsburgh, PA;?Omaha, NE;?Orlando, FL;?Tokyo, Japan;?Paris, France;?Zagreb, Croatia;?Nashville, TN,?Washington DC,?Baltimore, MD;?Bangkok, Thailand;?Istanbul, Turkey.

Hope to see you soon at a WordCamp near you!

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