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  • i have found several questions on this topic yet not a solution

    i think the following added to my websites CSS will allow me to place this parchment image in the background of the page.

    however its not working – can someone kindly tell me why?

    .page-id-3944 {
    background-image: url(“/wp-content/uploads/parchment.jpg”) !important;


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  • Hello @dreadstar,

    Could you please share your site’s URL? We need to view your site’s code in our web browsers so we can offer you better assistance with this issue.

    The CSS code you provided seems okay. Here are three likely causes for why it isn’t working:

    • .page-id-3944 may not be the correct page ID for the page you’re trying to edit. You can find the page ID in the URL of the page you’re trying to edit inside the WordPress Admin dashboard. Look for post.php?=3944 to make sure you’re using the correct ID. If not, change the 3944 in .page-id-3944 to the correct ID.
    • The image URL may be incorrect depending on how the URLs are set up on your site and where you’ve added this CSS code.
    • There may be another element above the background image that blocks it from being seen. You could try adding z-index: 9999; to the CSS code you provided, which should ensure that the background image displays above the other content. This method may not work depending on how the rest of the elements are set up.

    If none of those steps work, we can assist you further if you provide your site’s URL.

    Moderator bcworkz


    CSS URLs are relative to the stylesheet on which the reference occurs. Unless your stylesheet is in the WP installation folder, your path reference is wrong. (stylesheets don’t belong in the installation folder BTW)

    /wp-content/ can be renamed or moved on some sites, so a relative URL to that area is not 100% portable to other sites. An issue if you’re building a theme for others to use. If it’s for your own site it’s OK.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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